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Why Do You Need A Computer Consultant?

·     Increase the efficiency of your information system

·     Train users for better work performance

·     Make your current system easier for its users

·     Configure systems consistently so all users are
familiar with the information system

·     Keep you current on promotional offers for various
products in the computer industry and on how you
can take advantage of them

Professional Consulting Services

NETWORKING: Specialized in networking design and popular networking applications  with all Windows-based operating systems

INTERNET: Installations, web site hosting & design, e-mail services, domain name registration, SSL certificates, VPNs, etc.

WIRELESS: Installation, including firewall configuration

ROUTERS & SWITCHES: Configure and maintain Cisco®, Netgear®, and many other popular brands

VIRUS AND SPYWARE: Removal and prevention by using current effective applications and other techniques

TRAINING: For popular application software packages or suites

ARTICLES: Contains helpful tips, tricks, & advice on current issues

INSTALL: Hardware, software, peripherals, etc.


HARDWARE REPAIRS/UPGRADES: Includes upgrading memory or system board, adding hard drive, external drive, CD/DVD drive, adding USB ports, etc.

PURCHASE ADVICE: On network architecture, hardware, software, upgrades, etc.

FAMILIAR SOFTWARE & OPERATING SYSTEMS: Application Software: Manufactured by: Microsoft, Intuit, Sage, and many more.  Operating Systems: DOS & Windows (all versions - Desktop & Server), Mac, & VMware.


$200.00 per hour plus cost of any purchased products
Any purchased items and specific services include sales tax


Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer

Microsoft® Certified Professional + Internet

Microsoft® Certified Professional

Cisco® Certified Network Associate


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Mission Statement

Craig Business Consulting is committed to provide everyone with service, excellence, innovation, and managed profitable growth. Our continuous expansion of services will meet the demands of the rapidly changing computer industry. We will focus on how we can reduce your cost, rather than being considered as an extra expense to you. We will continue to conduct our business relationships with the highest integrity, forming a strategic partnership with our customers, employees, and vendors.

The race for the future of computer information systems has begun. Most of your competition has yet to reach the starting gate. The measure of your organization’s success will ultimately be the head start you have on the competition. We'll give you a free consultation visit to show you that head start.

Updated July 15, 2018